The Beliefs of Virsel

What are here are some written pieces on and around Belief. The following explanations are purely a Virsel View and do not reflect the views of others.​ The Five Primary Beliefs of Virsel are The Belief in a Creator and a Creation The Belief in the Development of the Inner Life The Belief in the Works […]

To Live In Pursuit of One’s Beliefs

THE THIRD VIRSEL PRINCIPLE: TO LIVE IN PURSUIT OF ONE’S BELIEFS Why pursue one’s beliefs? Our human life form dreams, making pictures and feelings in an arranged, invented or manufactured event when in sleep, or at least that’s what they say about dreams and more. The dream story itself and its focus (where you are […]

To Live By What One Stands For

THE SECOND VIRSEL PRINCIPLE: TO LIVE BY WHAT ONE STANDS FOR Why this and not something else? Generally, we try to live up to or hold to various things during our lives, things that seem to matter in the general ways of life itself; what we call a truth, how we are being, civil, decent […]