How does Virsel go on?

Virsel has always been a name but as from now, is the name that stands for the work that has been done over the last 8 years, recorded, written and practised by a core group of people who follow these processes. There are thousands of hours of filmed and recorded lectures, talks, events and groups. Those, and lots of written works and books are available through the membership area of this website as it is constantly being updated. More goes on day by day.
Our numbers are growing as we come out towards the world with what we have.

Now there are internet lectures that happen, once a week at the moment for those who are starting and engaging with this work. There are also a number of people (from America to England to Europe) who are called the Core, that have been chasing the truth and this work for over 30 to 40 years individually and 8 years in association (together), meeting as they do via the internet, sometimes daily, weekly and monthly, and if they can make it, once a month in person.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved is easy, it is mostly done by personal recommendation, an invitation to go to an event or maybe even you look in on the open to all evening published on the home page of the Virsel website.

There are however a few conditions about it though, such as one’s behaviour and mentality as we keep to the saying- ‘As a bird is known by its song, so is a human being by their conversation and attitude’.  What we do is our thing and maybe not yours or the world’s but it is everyone’s right to follow their own thing.

Use our contact form if you would like to be invited to our next open-to-all web meeting.

Before requesting membership, please see our terms and conditions of Membership.