What is it and what it is to be Human

When you think about the future we’re creating for your descendants,
have you ever considered that one of them could be you?

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Well. Lets face it. There are about 8 billion of us, and there are the millions who came before us, and there will be millions who follow us. Virsel is dedicated to knowing what we are, exploring what we’ve been, and building on what we have the potential to be.

Exploring the truths of reincarnation >

“My grandma was a clairvoyant psychic medium.
I wonder if I have the gift….”

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We’ve most of us heard it. Or that she “read the tea leaves”, “had the sight”, or had some other “gift”. So what is it? Which is it? And do you have it too? (SPOILERS: Yes, you quite probably do.)

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The Tarot of Frown Strong is here reclaimed by its originator, and all works by the author can be found on Virsel Tarot, our sister site dedicated entirely to this deck.

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