Why pursue one’s beliefs?

Our human life form dreams, making pictures and feelings in an arranged, invented or manufactured event when in sleep, or at least that’s what they say about dreams and more. The dream story itself and its focus (where you are in the dream) being based in a subjective event happening in a space somewhere in that dream reality. From an historical point of view that dream could be explained away as anything from a bad omen to a vision of another time, from an illumination to a dark fear dwelling in the subconscious part of the brain. 

We all have dreams even if we are not aware of them and they aren’t always restricted to the night time or even sleep time e.g. day dreams, but in this instance not the kind that could be called imaginative, the imagination here being a particular part of the mechanism of dreams themselves. What this means is that the dream is mostly made of more than one quality of life and event, such as the sensation of fear or love, intellect, light and or colour, all of these are found in different scenarios of our outer life but recognised in the dream. When dreams are explained they are mostly always described in one of those four basic scenarios.

These dreams are internal, within us and seen in the mind’s eye and felt in the being nature of ourselves, leaving us sometimes with an overwhelming sense of something divinitry, something fearful or something dramatic for example, and even on occasions something very funny. We wake up feeling good about the dream we have just had, sometimes laughing, sometimes with a tear in the eye, sometimes with an aparitional sense of doom and gloom. 

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