Firstly, the name…

Virsel is a name with no meaning other than it is an anagram of the word silver. Names can be very descriptive, leading and influencing as well as misleading, and many events of work or life demand a name that describes what it does or sponsors, such as “Bramble Village Cricket Club”. Dealing into and naming the works and worlds of the esoteric, divinatory, unseen, cultural, religious and so on, can be difficult as they are entwined in themselves from one area to another.  In truth all of these worlds are reliant on basic natural laws and forces to happen.

Virsel is the name that has been chosen to represent the works, learnings, developments, practices, beliefs and more, that are derived from THE VIRSEL CORES, in the attainment of higher learning, development and, where possible, the living of what that may mean for the person. The word Virsel is unspoilt with very little or no associations to any institution or organisation, secret society or hidden temple somewhere up a mountain. A name can also personify the founder e.g. Jim’s bible class, but in the end, a name is just a name and what is more important is the result of what you do with it: I read a bible or I learnt to play cricket, and so on.

The Knowings…

In concept, the human occurrence both cultural (a manufactured life event) and natural (an elemental/naturally based life form) lives with a duality of event, the truth of which is that all of these worlds are reliant on basic natural laws and forces to happen. Both lives are organised into an inner and outer arrangement, where the cultural aspect sits more with the outer and the natural aspects sit more with the inner. This arrangement suits the cultural event which requires more involvement and process than what the human natural life can sustain without altering something of itself to comply.

The human is a single species amongst hundreds of thousands of others and has risen to become the dominant and controlling life form of them all. Today is the future of history and the individual human has become a part of what human society has turned itself into, by way of these cultural and natural life occurrences. Human now is not the same as human at its beginning, regardless of the many different stories told of its journey from history till now.

Today the world lives under a greater pressure, demanding from its dominant species (the human) more obedience and daily workloads than ever before, thus creating more of a distance between the originality of human (the natural life event) and the cultural human of today. For this to happen, the natural event of the human has surrendered or become sterile, limited or altogether stopped from its process and function of a natural self-event, including staying connected to what was for it a natural world. There is no cultural help for this situation and most of the maladies of today are caused by this rift.

The Explanations…

Something can be done though and that is the possibility to restore some or all of those natural processes and abilities, that were/still are the unfortunate losers in the cultural future of the human. This begins with taking upon oneself a few basic ideas, concepts, learnings and more. Doing this will enable the possibility of a change within oneself where the balance and controls of life are taken back into one’s own hands and directions of life. To show an example of this we can see that most life forms upon this planet still have abilities that the human once had, that now only occur at the odd time as pictured against a time when it was a common and currently going on thing.

One of those processes is Clairvoyance, known only as a special event today but which was a normal event in the past. Cultural life demands a role-playing ability where one is something, maybe a shop keeper or a train driver or an executive etc, all of which have no purpose for a clairvoyant involvement. Time and cultural need have slowly diminished the natural clairvoyance of the human to a rare event; a shopkeeper or an executive doesn’t need such a thing in their role of life.

Clairvoyance in truth is the natural connection of the self to one’s own family and relatives, some friends and one’s own tree of life (from the self to living grandparents on into the past and one’s own ancestors). The event of Clairvoyance is more than that though, it is also a connection between the natural life of self and the planet itself. This can be observed and witnessed for example in the early absence of animals before an earthquake. Animals haven’t surrendered their natural abilities and still have what would now be for the human a greater connection to the natural world around us as it was before it became diminished.

This so far is just a small singular example, as there are many other abilities that can also be restored, re-connected, re-learnt and practised as a part of our life today. This means rebuilding what was our natural right and purpose of life towards a greater and more productive self-event than we live today. The idea is that when one looks around the world there are many mysteries and enigmas that defy explanation, such as the Sphinx in Egypt or the sacred astronomy of Stonehenge in England or the powers, meanings of the mind, the spirituality event and much more.

How does this happen?

It is where the statement ‘It is easy if you know the answer’ means the learning and the answers do become easy to find and explain, as we only live in the dark when we don’t know where the light is. Learning and knowledge go hand in hand with ability and practice. Everything is based in the highest and most natural truths of all and these are the natural laws that this Creation abides by for it to be a Creation.

It starts with some simple introductions and goes on from there into a series of learnings, practice and events. These begin to alter balances in ‘The what we are ourself‘ rather than ‘The who we are ourself’. What we are sits at the core or centre of ourself and Who we are is the (mostly cultural) outer life and expression of ourself.

Life is also Elemental and has a strong inclination or connection to the nature of the planet, influencing or touching our senses on the rare occasion driving us into the countryside or wild places to reconnect, so to say. The desire to go hiking, hunting, walking, camping and many other activities are elementally based, especially when that connection weakens by life practice.

Culturally it is inhibited or suppressed and we often live with a battle going on in us between the two people we are, the what and the who of us. They say that the only battle there is in our life is the battle between heart and head, but there is another more dangerous one and that is the battle between the inner and outer lives we live, each struggling to grow and reign over the other from its own basis of life. The inner life is the truer and more natural life and came before culture.

Culture is important as we need it to live in this society and time. Maybe in 500 years there won’t be or the human race may have evolved beyond it but it isn’t assured. What is important is that what in the cultural life is called a soul is called a Core in the works of Virsel. Core/soul, Soul/core, it doesn’t matter what it is called until it means that it is working again in its most naturally designed process e.g. the Soul is the centre of the outer life. We build the what over the who.

“They that have no idea are usually they that resist an idea.”


How to get involved…