Why this and not something else?

Generally, we try to live up to or hold to various things during our lives, things that seem to matter in the general ways of life itself; what we call a truth, how we are being, civil, decent or kind, what we pretend a rightful stance and so on. Mostly that would be considered a good idea which in the turbulence and occurrences of normal life would help us to hold ourselves and our abilities together.   

We are conditioned in a behavioural way to a culturally acceptable code of conduct from the way we keep ourselves, our standards and more, to how we deal and perform in our lives with or without others generally. We gather as time goes along a sort of reputation about ourselves, normally based in the constant things we do such as our behaviour, manners, helpfulness, good disposition, as well as all of their opposites. Reputation can be seen as an unwritten C.V. of someone, made from the observations and involvements of others fitting their views or ideology to things.  

A personal ideology is derived from putting together many things both factual and nonfactual and making it into a kind of “I sense of self”, to which any normative beliefs and values that are beheld from this mixture (supposedly) for other than epistemic reasons, are found creating assessments or assumptions that may or may not have any factual or reality basis. In short they think, believe or act accordingly to that ideology. Should it, the ideology be believed? This is of course the problem of those who find themselves in direct line of fire to it, as many a pretend Jesus, guru, holy or intellectually superior person, highly defensive or detached person, claim an ideology behind their views and then subsequently their actions or behaviours. 

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