What are these principles?

To Live by What One Is

To Live by What One Stands For

To Live in Pursuit of One’s Beliefs

To Live by a Chosen Covenant of Life

To Live to Continue the Ways and Works of Kind

To stand up in life one has to have a certain amount of things going on in oneself. For example, one has to have an amount of self will and ability, a certain amount of awakened or consciousness about oneself, a certain amount of purpose, direction and more. In the normal events of life, experience has given rise to some sayings that point out some of them. One such saying is ‘Others do not lose respect for you when you are down, but very often they do when you refuse to stand up.’ This is an example of what might be called a standard of behaviour.

Standards need a few things to be able to function – discipline, self-control, attitude and so on. So already in the act of standing up these conditions should be apparent, easy to find and acting as an influence from within it. The principle (here representing all of those standards) is that one must or should live ‘What one is’. Deciding who or what is important from more than one aspect as one might ask “What is the difference between ‘Who you are‘ and ‘What you are‘?”

Who you are is always subject to change from both inner and outer events of life, influence and learning as well. It is subjected to being constructed in different ways most of the time. It is never really the same permanent feature of oneself all the time. It can be likened to a local Councillor that has to be re-elected each term, so for the next year the Councillor holds onto a position and the year after that he doesn’t, a case of there one minute (but in this case year) and gone the next.

The temporary self or the who of you changes with event and is the weakest of the two normal characters, features, people of self that we all have. The weakest is the Who person and the normally stronger and permanent is the What of them. The What is based in the foundations and structures of your true self, a kind of pedigree platform with character, race and ethnicity put together one place at the same time.

The living requirements of strength, purpose, ability, discipline, to mention a few, is more than a temporary person can do or be. The first principle of self is in the what of you, the foundations of you and what that ‘what’ is. Thus to live as such, means to live by what one is. Life in general calls for living in roles and culturally based programmes of life. Schooling at an early age for example, university or work after that, families and children after that and so on. The what of you finds that sort of rhythm of life difficult as it relies upon a more permanent and dependable behaviour of life.

Thus it is so, that the stronger practice of life is better based in the what of something rather than the who of it. Standards are usually fixed in their nature, event and purpose and require a greater energy and academia, than can happen or occur in the general unforcastable nature of everyday life e.g. the chaos, hustle and bustle, and the multitude of persons it requires one to be, to handle or deal with it.

The other feature of a principle is that it is a condition or state of life that stays with someone all of their life and changes only to refine into something closer to the truth of what that principle stands or lives for.

Full explanations of each of these Primary Principles can be found in the Member’s Area.

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