What are here are some written pieces on and around The Divinations. 
The following explanations are purely a Virsel View and do not reflect the views of others.​

How does it work and why are they divinatory?

Firstly, all natural process relies upon three conditions or events to happen: 

1 An unaltered, contained and unobstructed structure. The reasons for this are obvious in that how can something work correctly if there are obstacles, damage and leaks in the system.  Would one fly, as an example, in an airplane knowing that the fuel system was full of leaks, damage etc?

2 For human process especially, the need for that process to have the right kind of content, fuel and connection to pass through and then on from that process. There are many reasons for this not to happen, e.g. wrongful content, energy or force, a detachment from the purposeful connection of the process. Would one sail the oceans in a boat that had no food, no fuel, no reason or direction?

3 The purpose for the process isn’t always in the physical but carries through itself electrical, unseen influence and content for the higher structures and life form of the person. The reason for this is that there is more than a single life form or entity of life, within the human itself.  Would one try to live an intelligent life without a brain and such things as awareness and consciousness to go with it?

These are the five primary Virsel Divinations.

The Primary Divination of the Clairvoyant.

The Primary Divination of the Empath.

The Primary Divination of the Medium.

The Primary Divination of the Sensitive.

The Primary Divination of the Psyche.

Life has many processes, some of which have even greater possibilities that the ordinary systems do not; those systems of higher life processes can make, refine or even condense the necessary products to keep the higher system alive and functioning. The human wasn’t designed to just exist, eat and die, as it contains life form that enables the physical body to move around, grow by determination and design, carry with it a higher life event that can and does live on after the body dies. This then is a reasonable premise on which to base many factual learnings, happenings, events and occurrences.

For the purpose of understanding, it begins by grasping hold of some basic dynamics, learnings and observations (both physical and unseen). The need to know, learn, observe, repair and improve are the priorities of this kind of work. The whole world of human beings have the same possibilities and processes that enable an extraordinary way and meaning of life to be present in their own lives.

Why does the human event allow the cultural way of life to subdue or immobilise such processes? That it does, is because of the control it has over the event of life. The human race has deviated from the calling of its promise of life to serve the cultural within the indoctrination’s and conditions it has set for them, also included in that is to subdue the most natural of abilities, making them dependant on a substitute technology instead.

A technology that also enslaves by requirement the now diminished human life form. The work that is offered here is one that helps to return such processes and results of it back into the lives of those who care for it.   Some material things and some human processes do not require wires, do not require any kind of attachment to each other to work or communicate. A good example of that is the television where such things as films, shows and more are turned into signals, sent through the air from a transmitter e.g. an aerial. They are then picked up by another aerial somewhere else, realtered back and displayed on the TV screen.

Human physical process can do something similar, except the signals it receives aren’t television signals but human ones. The signal is transmitted from the first person because of a variety of reasons, these are then received by another person and re translated back into the same experience and event. This is how mostly anything divinatory works. The difference between the five primary processes are the frequency, strength of signal and nature of the event that ensues thereafter.

Each process has its limitations and possibilities, each one of these processes requires a definite set of conditions to occur, those conditions are always determined by the first person involved (the sender). Take for example the clairvoyant process, it works by a tuning fork system rather like the piano tuner flicking the tuning fork. It is stimulated and rings with a sound, whilst at the same time the piano tuner is pressing the equivalent key on the piano keyboard, until the pitch of both are exactly the same.

Some processes within the body’s systems are able to pick up such vibrations e.g. The skin and nerves, the blood, the ears and so on. These processes work at different frequencies as it isn’t a metal structure (the aerial) that sends and receives them, it is the body of another physical person. This is the basis of most transmitted and received processes, each one covering a particular frequency or frequencies.

The processes are designed specifically for it and some of these processes are also able to receive signals and/or vibrations from non-organic transmitters, e.g. animals can receive vibrations that originate from the ground before and during earthquakes, when after that they make a hurried exit from the area.  The reason why it is considered divinatory is that the ability to interpret the signals back into its original event is dependent upon the awareness, sensitivity, consciousness, cognisance and imagination of the person.

An Ayam Cemani rooster

Ayam Cemani

Sometimes we meet a stranger, stranger than us that is. The Ayam Cemani is one of the icons of the black shift of life (not the dark shift). The cock is all black, it’s beak, feathers, muscles, tissues, even the bones, the only thing that is not is the blood which is red. A very occult condition of the natural shifts of life to live in.

​The divination of this does not belong on this planetary field of life.

The divinatory part in this is that the whole event happens without any physical attachment to each other. This means that the distance between them can be as irrelevant as the timing of a waterfall, and such communication can happen from one side of the world to the other almost in an instant or as it also happens, over a period of time. This says that the nature of the event can be divided into the divinatory slow and the divinatory fast.

The workings of that are that it is-  ‘the higher, the finer, the faster, the lower, the coarser, the slower’. It is easy once one gets the hang of it and things begin to fall into place, because the divinatory nature of these processes aren’t just in the process but also in the higher functions such as the mind and senses within us. The first of these divinatory processes and the nearest to actual human life is the Clairvoyant.

The reason that it is called a primary divinatory process is that the physical process of this must not alter, it is a process and requires as does all physical process, the structure and nature of its function to remain constant and not to change. So, change of structure means a change in the divinatory nature of it, altering the natural abilities that each event has and what can be done within it. The idea is to be close to the interpretation of the event and to have the interpretation reveal all of the event e.g. what if it was a television, one would want a perfect picture but that isn’t always the case. This means and ends with the person having to develop the process, requiring practice and skills that are necessary for the divination.

So, to recap so far, these five divination’s are natural processes that all humans have and can achieve, practise or do as a divinatory work, the same way as basic technology that follows, except it does so in the flesh rather than the metal. It, they, those processes require no attachment (like wires etc) and can happen over large distances in two ways depending on the speed of the event and can be developed into a natural divination or art, that every human being and animal can do.

The complex society that we live within in our todays relies heavily upon technology to help that society and culture along. It is Virsel’s opinion that as the human race has gone on some human and/or planetary events have taken their toll upon the natural condition of life, and the human race has slowly lost the use of these processes almost altogether. Thus we need a phone as we are no longer telepathic, and science knows this but refuses to accept it as a truth.

We can argue the history forever but there is no point in that, better it is to begin the recapture or regeneration of those processes within us and add them back onto the ability list of human achievements and possibility. Ability is abundant in physical form and this is accentuated by its function, as a natural part of its life. The human life form is capable of awareness of self and consciousness of life and living, reaching above the level of its planetary life into other realms or octaves of cognisance, comprehension and ability.

In doing this the human event of life has opened up other process and possibility that supersedes the human factor altogether e.g. such things as found or occur in religion and belief, astral and ethereal experiences and so on. All of these events are also divinatory in the processes but of an entirely different order, thus they become Divinitry rather than divinatory. Life has its obeyance to natural laws that condition it into what it is and these conditions of life have a higher end and a lower end. The lower, coarser, slower end of things is somewhat culturally bound but the higher isn’t.

Levels of Divinatory are Cultural (transient), Planetary (lower), Astral (the divinations). Divinitry means over cultural (transcendental), Ethereal (planetary higher), Animated (E.S.P and brain arts). These will take a while to understand and will require some work upon them, both in the learning and then practice of them. They are all restorative and regenerative and can be replaced back where they went missing.  Along with this particular work are some charts named: The Divinatory Ways chart and The Divinatory Features chart, which are available with this writing and will throw some light upon various aspects and alternatives to it all.  

Death mask ofTutankhamun

The divinatory world is much larger than explained in so far as there are many forms, styles and abilities that have occurred and are still alive in this world today. They range from simple guessing games using a simple intuition to complex systems such as the tarot and I-Ching and more.

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