exploring first lives and afterlives

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We all know about reincarnation, don’t we? We’ve at least heard of it. It’s a seemingly straightforward notion that after we die we have the potential to come back in a new body. And therefore potentially we’re here now but we’ve also been here before.

The whole notion of reincarnation requires a much deeper dive than that though.

For example, if there is reincarnation (and therefore some form of preincarnation), who are the newbies? How does a first life differ from a rebirth?

What happens in the period between the end of one physical body and the rebirth of its ‘driver’?

What are the stages through our incarnations?

Are they purely repetitional or are they transformational?

Are there things we have to do in this ‘life’ to secure a new host body for us to continue in?

If a physical body is planetary, what would be the nature of the being that traverses time in these new bodies?

Does the path follow a transient tree (suggesting you could be your own grandchild for example) or are the new placements random?

All of these questions are explored at length within Virsel.
Why not join in our explorations?

An Incredible Journey

This 220+ page book explores the living event of Human life
from pre-existence to reincarnation to the ascensional way in unprecedented detail. Its unique approach to this profound subject will make you see the whole topic of reincarnation in a a new light.


Digital version to follow shortly!

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