We’ve been conditioned to rely on our five senses. We know this because we’re even taught that there are only five, to A level and beyond. Sight. Hearing. Smell. Touch. Taste. Remember?

There are so many more though. When a mother knows her child is in danger, or you get an adrenalin rush getting onto a roller coaster, which of those five is in play? And WHAT ELSE is in play?

In our day to day cultural lives we are seldom conscious of these finer senses, but when the natural processes- such as the “Fight or Flight (or Freeze)” mechanism- kick in they come to the fore.

These are often given blanket terms like “sixth sense”, “second sight” or “gut feeling”, but just like sight, hearing and the other common senses, they can be studied and enhanced.

So clairvoyance is a thing. Mediumship is a thing. Psychics are a thing. They are not however the same thing. It is possible to be a clairvoyant medium, the same way as it is possible to be a bricklayer plumber. However, when they’re working they are EITHER plumbing OR laying bricks. Those two trades are not interchangable.

In Virsel we have given these finer senses the name Divinations. Clairvoyant, Medium, Psyche (not psychic), along with Empath and Sensitive, are the primary of these divinations. Just forget what you think you know of those words and come and explore with us.

For example, find out why clairvoyance is most powerful between blood relatives. Is it because it’s transient (and not transcendental like empathy is)? And why will a sensitive generally connect through the skin, but the empath the throat?

If you would like to explore more, and perhaps unlock your own divinatory potential, why not get in touch?