Why this and not something else?

The Universe in which Creation exists, says or at least implies that there is ‘A Creator’. When born, we open our eyes as a single entity within a culture of planetary life form. We are born common (one of billions) on a minor planet near the edge of a galaxy, so big it is hard to imagine. This galaxy spins around the centre of itself and as a whole thing also spins around hundreds of thousands of millions of other galaxies in a great big Creation. All of this is too much of a bigness of Creation to live with the idea of it or even in a modern culture and its standard of knowledge and intelligence, to accept that it was all for man. For a human being their place is serving a planetary purpose at the outer and lower end of that Creation, regardless of the science, religions and philosophies that teach or try to teach something different. What is said in Christianity as an example is that the planet is at the centre of the Universe and was designed and made in seven days for man.

How we live our life and how we deal with our life, depends upon many factors e.g. Our education, our upbringing, our view of life, our self and the events that occur within it and so on. ‘The ‘Life Force and Will of life’  were in past cultures and civilisations a large part of the making of what they were as human beings and the roles they played or acted out during their life.  

Culture is a manufactured way of life and each civilisation had its own ways of making its own rules of cultural civility, its wars and connections (natural or un-natural) to the process of its development, again also natural or unnatural. In today’s world those qualities of life are somewhat held in the background, whilst cultural control, politics and technology have moved from the scenario of the mountains, forests and village paths, to the darkened centres, offices and studios of military control. 

The will and force of life was very much a matter of personal event in past cultures, the rewards being a place in the respect of citizens or fellow soldiers and so on. In this time they no longer have such need, as everything is through the eyes and efforts of e.g. a camera or controller sitting at a screen a long way away, uninvolved with the actual event taking place. 

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