Why choose a covenant?

It is easier to give an answer to a question, when you know what the question means. At first one finds oneself sitting in a paradox, the paradox is about the rules. So one might ask what rules we are working by here, as one knows there are two answers to that, one right and the other even more right, but there is only so much that one can take in at any one time even for the sake of oneself, as some things need more time than others. 

The rules; the first are right ones that shape our mentality and development e.g. higher rather than lower, and the second are right ones that allow you to pay the price for reaping what you sow e.g. “There is no amount of good that you can do if you don’t mind who gets the credit for it”. This so far means bearing in mind that they relate to the how, what, when and why of the higher life event. Knowledge is required for learning but learning isn’t just knowledge. 

The expectation for the normal is that knowledge is able to answer the paradox of learning itself but it can’t, it isn’t able to, simply because there are other features to consider e.g. experience which very often is at the refined end of the learning bar. Learning itself requires many components to happen that justify the learning, unless it is accompanied by the source of that learning. As one develops and moves on into an even greater work or works of life, a different language of actual event and life is spoken and the learning required requires another octave, dynamic, perspective to be learnt, this is e.g. one of the rules of Visitations or Appearances. 

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