Why the body’s end and not death?

The first consideration is that there are two views in the works of Virsel about this particular event:

1 That Virsel says that the end of the physical body is not death, as it is just the end of the body and not necessarily the end of the life form or person inside.

2 That Virsel says that the true event or meaning of death is when there is nothing left to exist, as life has three events- existence, life and living. 

This presupposes or implies that there are or there is something in the life and living of the human being that can sustain and maintain itself without a body. Then there is also the view that when the body stops the living ends but there is still life that goes on which when it is ended returns to its existence, and at the end of that existence is where death in truth occurs.

A Statement from Virsel

Life as oneself after the end of the physical body, its knowledge, content, life force and more does not belong to science, religion, the paranormal, government (to mention but a few), and can’t be privatised, sold, stolen, influenced, held in obeyance or suspension and more. Further to this neither can any society, institution, occultist grand master, psychic, divinatory artist, gifted person, certificated or certified person, alien life form or surreal or imaginary entity, claim it as belonging to, owned, sold, promised, contracted and more, to them or that in real truth they hold the wisdoms and so on of the truth about what happens next, when the body dies.  

Why say that? It is a natural occurrence and like everything else in creation ‘It is what it is’. It happens because it can, does and is certain to occur to everyone and in modern terms could be explained as a part of the universal recycling process. It’s easier in the short term (for some) to sit back and hope on someone else’s word, that providing you behave, read the books or act this way or that, at the end of your physical planetary living, you are going to a place and live in absolute bliss, heaven, as a nothing, will have 75 celestial virgins as wives, and all of this forever and ever. 

  1. The Belief in a Creator and a Creation
  2. The Belief in the Development of the Inner Life
  3. The Belief in the works of Light, Life and Love
  4. The Belief in Higher Forms of Life, Seen and Unseen
  5. The belief in the continuance of life after the end of the Physical Body

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