What are here are some written pieces on and around Reincarnation. 
The following explanations are purely a Virsel View and do not reflect the views of others.​

The life before, the life in the middle, re-birth into new life.

It is useful here to put the first of the Virsel explanations of re-incarnation (in brief). The first of this is that re-incarnation covers three areas (starting back and coming forward), the life you had before this one, the in-between period from when your last life ended to the birth of this life and then the life you now have. Mostly everyone has lived before (maybe many, many times as in Tibet) except that they rarely remember it.  With learning, understanding and an awakened state of being, it is easy to ascertain that to die is not the end of life, but is the beginning of a transition from one life to another. The whole process of living, dying and rebirth begins with the first life you ever live, (sometimes called a newbie), the answers about which are mostly avoided or hidden in legend or some esoteric archive. 

From a natural standpoint the body itself is the once only life form of us all and not necessarily the rest of what we are. An example of this is the magnetic, electrical and elemental presence and spirit of it/us. Its life record and content, even its awakened and conscious natures, also carry the ability to go on after the physical body ceases to continue/live. The process of life and awareness move from the human cultural way and returns back to a natural condition of itself.

Understanding the difference between cultural and natural can be complicated but this is covered later on. For now, here is an alternate view and meaning of the state of being dead and death itself. For most, to die is a transitional movement of life and form and a very natural event/process. The Virsel view of this is – ‘That death is not when you die, but when there is nothing left of you to exist’.  Bearing this in mind, what then is happening to you and where do you go, how do you get re-born into another life or even maybe (as some religion’s views point out), return to live as in animal or some other form e.g. a Cow or a Monkey?

A short unorthodox view

Why death? Why life? Maybe we see extremes as esoteric phenomena but phenomena shouldn’t happen as it is a sign of something out of place in the natural order of things but, in the causeway of life’s journey, phenomena hide away as quickly as they came, leaving us with a meaning or uncertainty we can’t always normally explain. In the cultural way or cultural truth of things phenomena are the miracle, the fireworks of those who want to be believers looking for some kind of proof mostly for their misguided learnings.

Maybe it was a premonition they had, maybe it was a ghost they saw, maybe it was something occult or an alien or maybe it wasn’t anything at all but themselves fooling themselves, but as a friend once said, “Who knows except them’s that are or them’s that does” . The unspoken Hope (mostly), is that something of them continues to live on when they are gone, passed over, been called, slipped away, taken, called back and thousands of other reasons spoken to carry the weight of it all.

We are elevated by the event and the time we are powered by the unusual affair (usually once in a lifetime) out of which most people generally have a sense or a sublime recognition of something (even if it isn’t seen) of them that went over to the other side. They sense them and generally that is the case but the after events of something like those take a little while to settle down; the body, the being, the mind and the spirit are in a turmoil. It takes a week for the sea to settle after a storm and also the same for the human in such events. 

After the event (dying) a grieving begins which in life is the giving back of them. There the arguments of self occur and things are generally sorted for a future without them. It is normally after that that the after life events begin. Those that see or sense ‘the phenomena of something’ are a witness to an event, but that event isn’t to them. They are still connected to the person (this can also happen with pets).

The gone (dead) are gone and it doesn’t matter if anyone thinks otherwise; they are gone in place of ‘as we knew or remembered them’ and if they are spotted, seen (even in flashes) afterwards, it is because something we recognised withstood the shock of death itself. ​When you die that is only the end of the body that you have occupied and has moved you around during your life e.g. it is like a car that has broken down for good , but that doesn’t mean that its passenger “YOU” has arrived at the end of  life as well. 

Virsel’s View is that “The You of You” goes on, adding more lives to its existence until either it has worn itself out and there is nothing left  (the normal end of fruitless lives), or you have evolved into a higher state and life form further along “The Great Creational Way”.  

The journey isn’t hard or difficult except what we make of it ourselves and here (in these views), we know that our cultural lives are a launching platform to these future worlds that rightly sits in our promise of life, for us to become a part of. The second truth is that the way to this begins with a journey from the cultural life to The Great Church, the Great Mother herself, this great planet. It begins there but first, here is an easy approach to some idea about what all of this means to us as we are now. 

The easy approach…

Where/how does one get started upon such a subject as Re-incarnation and keep an open mind and simplistic idea of what it is all about. The easiest answer is that it has at its roots/learnings and practice everything to do with being reborn back into life having lived and died before, and not always just once, but sometimes many times (in other words a series of lifetimes). Some cultures are based in this as more than just a mere belief but as a practice of life such as the Tibetan culture and others, mostly Buddhist in practice. 

For me it begins with what I consider to be one of the most important principles of living a life the way I do – ‘That one of the reasons for my own existence is to evolve within a continuance of lives, each life being another step in the journey to a higher form of life, both physical and unseen’ . 

The Contributor

So where does it begin?

The world is awakening to many greater truths of life and how life really works in it’s natural (rather than cultural) sense and what would have been considered a religious practice in the past, today is understood as a natural organic process with or without religion (in other words one doesn’t need religion to accomplish such processes as reincarnation). 

There are videos on the internet that are a simple and easy introduction to the worlds, processes and realities of life, the after life and then re-birth back into life known as re-incarnation. They weave around and through many ideas and beliefs, some actual events and occurrences, some learning and teachings that have been found in history, some that we live with now in our own modern age and view of things – getting the general idea or even the sense of what it is, what it says and even (as we go on) how to accomplish it and much more.    

Continued in Virsel. Find out more…