Terms and Conditions of Membership of Virsel

Membership of Virsel and your viewing or usage of virsel.com and its content is conditional on your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.  By continuing to view virsel.com or logging into the members pages of virsel.com and virseltarot.com you agree to these Terms and Conditions.


Virsel is a private members group. virsel.com and virseltarot.com are private members sites except for those pages which are open to the public.

We use cookies for site administration, your usage of the site is acceptance of the use of cookies.

The sites are protected by a current Security Certificate.


The copyright of all Content produced by the Contributors including papers, symbols, videos, images or other material is held by the Contributor of that Content, except for material which is widely known or already in the public domain. 

The copyright of the site’s design and structure is held by the site and no one has permission to pass it on to any other person or organisation without the specific prior consent of the Contributor.
All rights reserved.

Content may not be copied or downloaded from virsel.com or virseltarot.com, and must not be passed on to any other person.


Access to the Members Pages is by being a member or by invitation only.  Members Pages in this context means pages of the site which normally require your own unique password to access or view. The site administrator will issue invited members with a temporary password. The Password must not be shared, in other words, must not be given to someone who is not a Member so that they can view Members Pages.

Access to the Members Pages is also conditional on the Member paying their monthly contributions on the first day of the month and attending a minimal number of on-line conferences (1 conference per month minimum).  Should someone cease to follow this agreement, without satisfactory explanation by the Member, their access to the Members Pages will be withdrawn. 

Members are notified that all conferences are recorded so that there can be no argument as to what has been said, shown and done. All participants in the conferences need to have their webcams on throughout the conference. By signing up to membership, all members are deemed to accept these conditions.

No personal member information is held in virsel.com or virseltarot.com except the email address you gave.

Payment of £20 per month is for membership of Virsel and includes all conferences and access to the virsel and virseltarot websites. Details on how payments are collected can be found at the end of these terms.


Content in the context of these Terms and Conditions means any text, images, videos or other material shown on pages of virsel.com or virseltarot.com, whether sourced from the site itself or accessed by links to external sites.  Such external sites include, but are not limited to, YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. All original Content whether visible to the public or in the Members’ pages is based on the opinions, research or experience of the Contributor.  Contributor in this context to mean the author or presenter of the material, whether in written form, image, video or otherwise.

Whilst every endeavour is taken by the site owner to ensure the Content is acceptable for public consumption, it is sometimes difficult to know how Content will be received by a specific individual. Any questions or issues relating to the Content should be directed to the Contributor and not the site owner who is acting only in the role of facilitator for the distribution of the Content.

The Content of virsel.com and virseltarot.com is for your pleasure and no instruction is given as to how the Content should be used.  You may follow suggestions or exercises given from the experience of the Contributor, but you do so under your own cognisance and at your own risk.  The results you achieve may be different from the results achieved by the Contributor or another Member.


Some of the posts and pages in the Virsel Members’ Area allow for member comments.
Any member wishing to contribute to these discussions agrees to the following rules:

Please refrain from:

1. Revealing personal information about yourself or anyone else

2. The use of swearing or profanities

3. The use of intimidation or threats

Please be respectful of other members and their comments, even if you do not agree with them.


Payment is through PayPal unless you have made an alternative arrangement with Virsel Admin. Virsel has no access to your credit card or PayPal details and we do not hold or store them. These details are held by PayPal which is one of the world’s leading payment processors.

Any voluntary donations made are non-refundable, unless made in error.  Please contact us within 30 days if you have made an error. The refund cannot exceed the financial value of the donation.

Payments for membership of the website can be refunded if there are issues as long as the issue is raised with us through Virsel Admin or by direct email, within 30 days of the payment. A refund cannot exceed actual payment.


  1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law and the jurisdiction of the courts of England.  Your statutory rights are not affected.


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