What follows are a few thoughts about the human event.
It is a Virsel view and does not represent the views of others.

Do you have any idea of the history of history and the antiquity that were the human race? We are offered a one-sided choice on the two-sided stories of history, the truth of it and the untruth of it. We are expected to deny one over the other by the rule of academia, that structures the growing and developing brain life we live today, individually as well as a culture, forced to choose the ridiculous over the obvious and be content to live with the knowings and feelings that that, well, just was not right.

What should or could we do?

These are many examples of the works, writings, arts and abilities that are found in today’s world, whose knowledge and practice are either lost or locked away in secret caves or kept under-wraps by secret people and denied to the world. They are but a small part of the unspoken, often unseen and not known about changes to the human event and conditions of life as it should have been (if left alone), to the ‘What it is today’ condition of life.

Some of those missing parts (be it not always stone statues or even U.F.Os), are the very basic abilities and processes that belong to the human natural life such as the higher and more developed connections of telepathy, the psychic and clairvoyant processes, the development of inner containments natural to life; astral embodiments, elemental development and the union of the electrical and magnetic features of the human form, the ability to use the more developed senses that are tuned into the planetary ways of things, the process of the unseen worlds and evolving brain life, and the list goes on and on.

When the greatness and power of a culture is handed to secret and unknown people, it develops its own controls over those very same people, and starts under its own hidden agenda and ideology, to enforce controls with real threats, and as if that is not enough, then also polices through that culture of control with violence and fear. It is then that true goodness of nature and life becomes a secondary event to those changes that cultural control makes to the original form of life itself, creating people of an un-awakened or zombie-like army to serve it, blindly and without question or the right to be anything other than what they dictate them to be.

What we say here is that all culture has no ownership of life and creation, as they continue to try to tell us that it doesn’t really exist and is part of our weird or over imaginative imagination. The truth and the natural works of life are, in truth itself, not belonging to any organisation or foundation or society or authority or council or government, except and but for the real and true right of every single human being on this planet regardless of age, size, beauty and country to restore or add or continue on or in a one to one or personal event with any of these things, because it is their creational, good damn right to do so.

With respects to those whom read this, and to the entire human race.
– Virsel –

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