So what is the Virsel Tarot?

The Tarot of Virsel (formally The Tarot of Frown Strong, or Frownstrong Tarot), are 22 cards, a major arcana deck which represents the major influences, forces, contents and inner core events of both life and the natural life outside of culture. It describes in picture and symbolic form the deeper aspects of the esoteric and religious worlds, to name but a few. Some of the descriptions and designs are representative of something in the history of culture and different things in the out of culture history of life such as the elemental worlds, the unseen and more.  The symbolism within it expresses a doorway and a fractional view of another learning and connection to such other worlds, and the interpretation forthcoming from the diviner or interpreter. Alternately they can be used for minor readings like fortune telling and situation reading or character reading and so on, something the minor cards will do when this tarot system is developed.

This pack has a history under a different name but is still the property of the original owner and copyright holder. It has been published around the world and is known as an esoteric tarot, hard to find (out of print) and expansive in its meaning and divinations. It is and has been sold on Amazon, E-bay and everywhere, where tarot is important. It is spoken about and described on many, many internet websites and is referred to hundreds and hundreds of times in writings, books and even in modern teachings about the tarot.

The Major Arcana of Frownstrong (its previous name) was developed in the early 1970s, and finally produced in its present form in 1976, first published in 1978, by Esoteric and Occult Productions Ltd. The Tarot of Frownstrong is so named after it accompanied and was linked to the book Frownstrong (from the Emin series known as ‘Fragments of a Great Teaching’). The book Frownstrong is itself a mild esoteric discourse and learning development to a novice of the esoteric within a student master relationship. 

All 22 Tarot of Virsel (Frownstrong Tarot) cards laid out together.
The 21+1 cards of The Divinatory Tarot of Virsel.

The Virsel Arcana consists of 21 major cards and a single card of negation. The single card of negation isn’t meant to be included in any reading, its purpose usually being to negate or finish a reading.  The origin of the inspiration behind the pack came from ‘Symbolism of the Tarot’ inscribed in a book called “A new model of the Universe” by P.D. Ouspensky. To this was added a more ‘than’ modern view, including the occult and religious tones of the time. From the renaming of this pack will come a development that will occur as designed and will bring the number of cards in this system to over the 90 mark.

​It has always been the desire of the founder of this pack to keep it as simple as it is possible to do so, detailing what might take a 1000 words to describe into a picture or symbol, that tells the story in a single go or look. “Simplicity is the art of the learned” (a Virsel saying), and true it is that everything in nature is based in the true simplicity of itself, as should do all art that tends to the differences between what a culture can do when balanced alongside what it can learn, and so also should the divinatory worlds the same.

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