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What does this mean?

Nearly all people in this culture and time must work to live, the reason is because there is no other way to live. We all live in what has become a whole world culture on a single planet. The Human event has come together from many different races, ethnicity that all share different languages and customs. Some of these customs are because of environment and some because of vital requirements. Food and water are good examples. All of these aside, the human race has become top predator and dominates all other life forms, even if human has no purpose for it, such as dolphins, polar bears and vultures. To achieve this the human race has developed a culture different to most other past civilisations and as far as science tells us, this culture has surpassed all others especially (as it is seen today) in technology and social control.

The Human is a learning, self-maintaining, self-feeding life form, that has higher functioning capabilities such as problem solving and complex living behaviours. The human race has a capacity of life that most often matches its own ability to live it… sailing the seas, flying the air, digging big tunnels and going into outer space, even though it doesn’t have fins like a fish, wings like a bird and so on.

These of course are the signs of an evolving civilisation when, if consistency will allow it, will become a species of life that could eventually populate the whole solar system (something that only ever lived in the dreams and ideas of past higher culture up until this age). Dream or not this is already a space capable culture in a planetary civilisation where the idea that anything else doesn’t exist beyond the human race is now a fairy story, a lie or just plain stupid to agree to.

This is not a species of life that has arisen in a perfectness of life, and when the truth is out it becomes apparent that there was a very large price to pay for this. Growing from a primitive (as science says) tribe of monkey based life forms to a highly intelligent space dwelling civilisation isn’t exactly easy and for the most part, the species of human has struggled with itself every step of the way.

The difference between hunter gatherers and farming tribesmen is a basic question of intelligent capability. Finding and chasing food or growing and harvesting food are each a singular occupation of life except in this time, they do both together; they grow but don’t chase the cow or the chicken anymore meaning they have culturised and cultivated the world to become its own back garden.

Looking deeper into how and why we are what we are undoes many myths and legends that tell us it was created in a week and/or was formed by a group of godlike entities. There are obvious contradictions in the historical teaching and promises of life which the faithful and followers have tried to substantiate and are still trying, even though human controlled evolution has stepped aside of planetary huminality and pushed the agenda of technology and science in front. By so doing human cultural necessity has separated the human event from the natural planetary event that would have been destined for it.  

The human race began with natural planetary criteria for life which has been continually disturbed along the journey of human event, until in this age the human race spends most of its time in service to that demand of life and life style, meaning and continuance and not its natural life. Mostly everyone works within the purposes of a cultural society and its gaining (as it does), keeping the necessary knowledge and paying the human price required for being able to do so. It is soon recognised that some of that price being the difference between naturalised to planetary or naturalised to cultural.  

Each successive generation of human has a greater demand upon it, populated by a greater number of humans to do so and somewhere in the middle of it are the overlords that steer its direction and handles those controls, like one does when driving a car. To live this requires some change of life from natural to something else with the loss of naturalness and ability, that was its living nature of being human.  

The human being is one of hundreds of thousands of life forms that live on this planet doing just that, every one of them designed to live in its own environment without issue with the planet. They seek by whatever means they have e.g. instinctively (carnivores) or by natural harmony and sense (herbivores) and if it changes, then they must change with it or become extinct. They call this survival and it is something that any higher life form masters to its own use.

This means that something pays the price (already mentioned) which for human beings means firstly their natural instinctive and connected abilities, hijacked to make way for something else. One example would be the side tracking of the abilities of connection to planetary life and the planet itself. It is here at this point that the difference of natural evolution and species evolution part such harmonious company and enter into a struggle between them, each one a determination of life in difference and purpose.

The natural life is that which serves a planetary purpose and all life form began in an indigenous way with it. Today human beings aren’t born with such a promise of life. Creation designed everything to evolve and happen within its purposes and the human race has separated itself from that path by becoming its own desired purpose of life. Being born human today means being born to serve the culture of human race rather than planet or creation.

Staying creational or planetary as the criteria for life was first and then naturalised in all life forms. The human race did not create itself and was/is aligned to that purpose for its being here. Being dominant means being different as in creational terms everything creational has its needs supplied (as is the case of herbivores). In other words the human race has taken over its own future and design of life, to purpose its own continuance and entertainment of life.

An Orang utan sawing through a branch.

The world would be outraged at the actuality of taking an ape from its natural path or life and turning it into a workman, but rarely does it object to the culture doing this to the human.

The situation has changed, as over the hundreds and thousands of years it has taken to occur. The human race and its life has altered in such a way that it now lives with differences between what it was required to do to live firstly  and how it lives now. Culture can be a great thing but its price means the loss of natural ability, for example the purpose of working in industry. One doesn’t need to be clairvoyant (what Virsel believes is a natural ability) in a meat factory or on a production line somewhere in the world.

The five natural divinatory arts for example, are empowered in all life forms and were a sufficient way to work within a planetary and creational evolutionary life. Humans didn’t create creation, they didn’t make life or life forms, they are part of a creational plan themselves (albeit a small part). It is Virsels contention that human living itself has lost  such abilities as a major function of life, and it has been replaced by such means as indoctrination, formal education and more to alter the living form and behaviour of itself.

The Virsel way contends that one can live in an original condition with modern culture, keeping and restoring such lost abilities. It is known that there are more things that were originally belonging to human life itself, that has for the need of an industrial age been denied by necessity and control of culture. To take this as a start (there are many more things not mentioned in this introduction also to be considered), requires more than just a simple involvement, shallow or superficial approach and way about it.  

This is where the Virsel works of life begin, in the restoration and inclusion of such process back into the living event of human activity and life. The initiative being is that it is better to add a culture to a connected natural life, than to add a natural connected life to a cultural one (something of the difference of living to work or working to live). Restoring those and other processes is a good first step towards beginning the journey back to the greater natural self, an entity of self that modern people are not so familiar with and mostly aren’t aware is their natural heritage.

To achieve something of this it starts with the recognition that it isn’t just process but learning and intelligence as well e.g. the human being has the capacity to memorise and evaluate those memories into experience and awareness and consciousness of self.  To this end The Five Virsel primary works of life are, were, developed to bring such things back into the natural nature of one’s life.

The 5 Primary Works of Virsel are

A Primary Work in the restoration of natural process and ability.

A Primary Work in the schooling of Creational Laws and Way.

A Primary Work in the foundations and spirit of the Virsel Cores.

A Primary Work in the natural arts of higher content and embodiment.

A Primary Work in the expansion and then recognition of a self-chosen work of life.

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