Why Higher Forms of Life?

Life extends above and below the level of human. To arrogantly think that human beings are the highest or greatest form of life on this planet was once a common mistake. In our today’s world, the idea or belief of higher life is accepted by most as a real and available extension to our ordinary lives. During the Dark Ages it was demons and angels, knowledge of which was lent to the age by the church whereas in this age, we have knowledge of alien races and life elsewhere in creation, even life superior to our own.

The culture today has the benefit of an education, where it has learnt that we share this world with many other species of life that are just as capable and adept at living, with many attributes and abilities that we, the human, do not seem to have as part of the process of life for us. It is that their senses are tuned into more frequencies than our own, it is that they can use their senses to distances far beyond our own, it is that they see into octaves of light (where life also abounds) where humans are blinkered or just can’t see any more.

  1. The Belief in a Creator and a Creation
  2. The Belief in the Development of the Inner Life
  3. The Belief in the Works of Light, Life and Love
  4. The Belief in Higher Forms of Life, Seen and Unseen
  5. The belief in the Continuance of Life after the end of the Physical Body