What are here are some written pieces on and around Belief. 
The following explanations are purely a Virsel View and do not reflect the views of others.​

Why Creator and Not God?

The Universe in which Creation exists, says or at least implies that there is ‘A Creator’. When born, we open our eyes as a single entity within a culture of planetary life form. We are born common (one of billions) on a minor planet near the edge of a galaxy, so big it is hard to imagine. This galaxy spins around the centre of itself and as a whole thing also spins around hundreds of thousands of millions of other galaxies in a great big Creation. All of this is too much of a bigness of Creation to live with the idea of it or even in a modern culture and its standard of knowledge and intelligence, to accept that it was all for man. For a human being their place is serving a planetary purpose at the outer and lower end of that Creation, regardless of the science, religions and philosophies that teach or try to teach something different. What is said in Christianity for example is that the planet is at the centre of the Universe and was designed and made in seven days for man.

In biology and chemistry it is said that the human race is nothing more than an accidental consequence and therefore is of no account. In general religious terms, the journey of the human being to something of a godhead or heaven (only ever promised) is laid down in a pre-set scroll, tablet or book of terms and conditions of life, to be observed to the end of life, whilst at the same time threatened with hell if one fails.

What one can see when looking at the night sky, is a sighting of the nearest and dearest of stars that represent Creation to the naked eye of a human being. That can’t be changed or altered by some local council or government somewhere, the church, religion or anyone else, and beyond that is The Great Creation in which we live.

The human has one of the highest brain processes and faculties of all life forms on this planet and to the Virsel view it is still evolving, growing in its Awakenedness and Consciousness of how things have happened and work. In early times of the human event after the inner life awakening, the brain (which in that time was not developed or evolved enough) could not process as much as today’s ‘model’ does. 

In comparison with early human, today they are a far more developed, complex and educated life form making them in that comparison an ‘Entity’. There is without any doubt in the Virsel view, the fact that somewhere in the future of the human race, this will change and opinions about the human being, its own existence and a God will also change to fit with an ever increasing bank of factual and undisputed proof.

This means something different than history has led us all to believe e.g. that culture and gods are the reason for our existence and that there is a price to pay after our life ends, when we supposedly go for judgement. Virsel has always had the belief that we are able to help or develop ourselves and our own abilities, towards a higher or greater life and true spiritual form over and beyond history’s teachings.

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