What are here are some written pieces on and around Belief. 
The following explanations are purely a Virsel View and do not reflect the views of others.​

Why Inner Life?

Within us are areas where everything that is our life is stored, from what we learn and perceive through to what we experience and feel. As a whole thing it exists as a series of connections and conditions of what we are, forming an inner life that grows as we do. It is also a container into which our works of life on all levels pour.  It dwells at the centre of all our activities, including our ways and ‘doings’ which here in the West are normally extrovert. The further east you go the more it becomes the centre (inner life) of religious activity such as in Buddhism or other gold based religions.

The human being has many abilities on many levels, such as the ability to develop and refine the being and its expression and the process of feelings and their expression. This is done in process, in that what those processes contain is able to re-define itself in a higher form of inner life or embodiment. This eventually leads to the awakening of the inner life and its continuance in an Awakened and Aware condition of itself.

We live, grow and die within our physical life, in which we opened our eyes and found ourselves undeveloped in form and inner content. From then a journey begins in which the theatre of life will play itself out, both on the outside and inside of us. In most cases, this inner content is welded together in the experience and struggles that occur, but with development comes a sorting, sifting and rearrangement of those inner contents, forming themselves into more structured and defined embodiments.

These are then called containments and embodiments, such as the astral or ethereal embodiments, the elemental and planetary being containments and so on. In some instances, the inner content is designed for just one life thing or process from birth e.g. as the life of a monk in an eastern temple, an aircraft pilot or a prime minister and so on. The living of the inner life however it may be at any stage is an essential part of our planetary life, each layer or stage of that life purposely coming together at or near the end of that life as a developed whole.

The inner life is our first and most powerful connection to the planet upon which we awoke, live, were re-born or re-incarnated back upon. It is the temple or sanctuary that we are given when first we are born and dependent upon wherever that was, would be quested to follow the religious culture of one’s own kind (mother, father etc) and if not then the planet’s own kind of natural life instead e.g. the way of the animal life, each life according to its capabilities and natural abilities.

  1. The Belief in a Creator and a Creation
  2. The Belief in the Development of the Inner Life
  3. The Belief in the Works of Light, Life and Love
  4. The Belief in Higher Forms of Life, Seen and Unseen
  5. The belief in the Continuance of Life after the end of the Physical Body