Its colour is red and its metal is iron. It has always been associated with the hot natures of things such as anger, aggression, hostility, war and so on. It works through the blood and instincts and, in religion, is the ruling planet of the Act of Penance, atonement and sacrifice.

Its connection to the natural world is that of the wolf, which also describes the natures of the influences it carries, such as that of cunning and attitude-awareness, and is related to military involvements.

Its astrology is that of Aries and the ram has also been fixed on it from the occult standpoint. The instincts are of the art of survival and it has always been present in the sky at any great cataclysmic event that has befallen the human race, such as war.

It is also to do with youth, from the masculine standpoint, and has been associated with the decline and fall of things.

Its symbol is the snake biting the hilt of the sword and its body part is the nostrils.